Vermont History Expo – June 26 & 27th Maps on Display

“Old Maps” had a booth and wall space to display historical maps at the 2010 Vermont History Expo June 26-27, at the fairgrounds in Tunbridge Vermont.

Here are some photos from that 2-day event.  Our booth was in Floral Hall, the building with the genealogy groups.

We set up the exhibit space on Thursday, building a “leaning wall” on one side of the room to display a variety of old state maps, and a temporary counter on the opposite side where we sold CDs, town maps, and birds eye views etc. The Expo event was Saturday and Sunday.

Click on a picture to see a better view.

The county maps on CDROM are very popular – dozens of old maps on each CD (1850s and 1870s for each Vermont County)

People love to browse through the sample printouts from the CDROMS.


The 1850s CDROMs are scans of large wall maps like this one of Orleans, Lamoille and Essex Counties.  The sign on top of the map points to the home place  house of  Paulina Darling, who lived in Morristown.


To make it easier for more people to see these wonderful old Vermont maps, we posted about 20 maps on the outside of some Expo buildings.  Here a youngster is looking at the 1860 Map of Vermont.

Below is a better photo of that map with publisher David Allen. The remarkable map measures over five feet square and shows every house and road in the state of Vermont.